Meet Gary

Meet Gary

Gary Bolno

Director of Insurance

For the past 38 years, my passion has been helping my clients find insurance protection plans that are beneficial and ultimately help them to feel secure and protected.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, where I met my future wife, Phylis, during my senior year at George Washington High School. I am forever grateful to Mr. Vassallo for sitting us next to each other in English. I moved to Bucks County right after graduating from Penn State University and lived there until 1997 when I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona.

I grew up in a family restaurant business and went into restaurant management after graduating from Penn State.  After a few short years, I wanted to have more of an impact on people and set out to research a new career direction. 

I can remember an insurance agent meeting with my parents one evening. I listened to his “pitch” and could tell he wasn’t trying to understand their needs, but rather trying to make a sale. It occurred to me then that if you are going to sell insurance products you had better be in it for the good of the client. Insurance protection can literally make or break a family and impact their financial survival and needs.

My clients are concerned with:

  • Determining their real insurance need
  • Whether the type of insurance they have is appropriate for their age
  • What plan or combination of plans work best for them during the short- and long-term
  • What the letters from insurance companies really mean for them
  • Level premium term policies — your level locking period is over

I am a diehard Nittany Lion fan, never miss a football TV game, and have attended many bowl games over the years.

Interests and affiliations

  • Golf. I have been golfing for about 25 years and enjoy golfing with friends and clients. If you observe enough golfers you are bound to pick up some pointers or ideas that you can utilize to improve your own game.
  • Travel. My wife and I enjoy traveling to new cities around the U.S. Hands down our favorite city to visit is New York. Every year for our anniversary we return to NYC for our people fix. We enjoy people watching and try to see something different each time we return. One of our favorite things to do is see a Broadway play each night during our visit. Until you’ve witnessed a Broadway play in person, you just cannot appreciate the craft. Over the years we have seen more than 200 plays—and she has the Playbills to prove it!
  • Phoenix and Philadelphia Sports Teams. Suns, Coyotes, Diamondbacks, and Cardinals in Phoenix. 76ers, Flyers, Phillies, and Eagles in Philadelphia.
  • Lifetime Member Penn State Alumni Association
  • Member Phoenix Chapter Penn State Alumni